Pink Privacy Screen


For mothers who prefer a little privacy.

  • Use any time anywhere.
  • It comes in Blue, Grey, and Pink
  • Delivery time may take up to 3 weeks to arrive at your address through standard delivery.
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The Bubs In Arms Nursing Privacy Screen is great for first-time breastfeeding moms; it is a modern, lightweight breastfeeding cover made of foam that is simple and easy to use while you nurse your baby in public.  This product is so lightweight that the baby won’t feel the cover; the baby will be too busy concentrating on the milk flow rather than the cover.  Why not give Bubs In Arms Nursing Privacy Screen a try? You will be surprised.

It is a one size fits all product.

Directions for use:  Whenever you are out and about, use our modern-day privacy screen; it’s simple to use; just clip, lift and feed whenever your baby needs to nurse.

The product is also compact, durable, washable, and foldable. The product’s main feature is in the window, allowing you to see your baby and your baby see you.

The clips are durable, and your clothing is safe; no amount of tugging would damage or crease your garments.

This product is for new moms-to-be, a modern-day compact nursing cover for those who prefer some privacy on the go.

Hope you enjoy our product.

Bubs In Arms Pty Ltd – Team.




20 × 15 cm


Blue, Pink, Yellow, Grey


Cotton with metal clips

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