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Babies get hungry… all the time. And we all know they do not like waiting. Make sure you’re ready whenever and wherever you are.

Bubs In Arms Nursing Privacy Screen easily fits into your nappy bag or fold it and put it in your back pocket so you can always take it with you.

We asked one mother how her experience was, she couldn’t be more happy with the Bubs In Arms Nursing Privacy Screen and here is her response to our questions.

1. How was your experience using the product?  It was amazing, I loved it!
2. Did you find the product easy to use?  Yes. I just clipped it on, lifted my shirt up a bit and baby latched on straight away.
3. Did you have any privacy concerns?  No. None whatsoever, I felt confident and at ease whenever I would breastfeed in public. I actually had people come up to me and ask me what the product was, they were amazed when I told them that it was a privacy screen for breastfeeding mothers to use when breastfeeding in public. They said they wouldn’t have known, if they hadn’t ask, they even said it was a great idea.

4. Was the product easy to fit?  Yes. extremely easy. I would  clip it on first then take baby out of the pram and bring her close to me,  then lift my shirt up and she would latch on straight away and the product would rest lightly on the side of her head, she couldn’t even feel it, so lightweight and easy and fit comfortably for both baby and I. The product is that good that it’s hard to explain words cannot describe how good this product is for me as a breastfeeding mother.
5. Is the product discreet enough for your use?  Yes, it is. People could not even tell what I was doing until they came up and asked me. The product is small, lightweight and air-rated, and I could see my baby while feeding, it is 10/10 way better than throwing a blanket, nappy or throw cover over the shoulder.
6. Did your baby experience any discomfort whilst using the product?  No. She was relaxed, she even liked the feel of the fabric texture on the product as well, she would rub it for the nice feel of it, sometimes it would make her go to sleep. She even liked the product as we could play peek-a-boo through the little window  provided on the product.
7. How convenient is this product?  Extremely convenient. I prefer the Bubs In Arms Nursing Privacy Screen over the
throw overs and baby is more comfortable as well, with the throw overs my baby always moved the blanket because she couldn’t see me, but with this product she loves that she can see me.
8. Would you be confident enough to use this product in public?  Yes! 100% Extremely confident, this product is a confidence booster.
9. Why would you use this product?  Because its compact, easy to use, its lightweight, I can adjust it and use it in different angles, depending on how baby wants to be positioned. It is easier than a throw over, it’s just clip, lift and use then unclip and tuck straight into my baby’s bag.

10. What are your thoughts on the products design?

I love that it looks elegant in design and colour,

I love that its lightweight,

It’s compact,

When clipping on to my garments, I can adjust to it to 3 different angles depending on how baby is comfortably positioned when feeding. The clips don’t even crease your tops or blouse.

It’s easy to put in and take out of my baby bag.

I can even fold it 2 – 3 times and put it in my back pocket, when I take it out it springs back to its normal shape without any creases, and I can use it straight away.

It’s something that I carry with me all the time now.

I just handwash the product and I hang it on the line with its own clips (no pegs needed) which is so convenient. I don’t hang it on the line outside the sun may fade the colour, I hang it inside where it won’t lose its colour.

11. Would you recommend this product?  I highly recommend this product to all breastfeeding mothers. It’s safe, convenient, and easy to use and; it instantly took the stress out of  me and my baby, we can feed on the spot now instead of pushing our distressed baby the extra mile just to feed.  With this product, breastfeeding in public just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Bubs In Arms Nursing Privacy Screen.

Ingham (Australia)   

How It Works

Simply feeding


Our vision is, to empower breastfeeding mothers to be confident when breastfeeding while being subtle.

Every breastfeeding mama should feel comfortable feeding wherever and whenever she needs to.



The Bubs In Arms Nursing Privacy Screen is used for the protection and privacy of breastfeeding.

Suits most garments.

Just clip, lift and feed, anytime, anyplace


Helping to keep your hungry little bub from getting distracted as they feed.

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